A chair unlike any other in the world

Move with the chair, move within the chair. Ruckus lets you decide. Created especially for maker-centred & project based learning.


Postura+ chairs for our smallest students

Superior ergonomics, highest quality copolymer and tried-and-tested design give the youngest students unrivalled comfort.


Multiple sizes for a growing student body

The UK’s first choice classroom chair, our established Postura+ is now available in 16 engaging, refreshing, creative or neutral colours.


Flexible learning environments made easy

Adept, flexible and student-focused, our seating transforms learning environments. It goes wherever it’s needed and can be arranged in any configuration you can imagine.


Mobility and comfort

KI's seating for higher education presents a supremely intelligent approach to the requirements of multi-purpose and collaborative learning environments, from stacking chairs, with optional removable tablet arms, to stools and more.


Millions of students around the world use KI products every day. Our customers come to us not just for high-quality contract furniture, but for the knowledge to make the right choices. Working with KI gives you access to our wealth of experience and innovation, helping you select the perfect furniture for your application.

Serving preschools through to universities, libraries and adult learning centres, we can help you deliver your project on time, and on budget.

Unique Furniture Solutions

We know how diverse furniture requirements can be. By working to understand what you need, we can deliver the ideal solution.

Our furniture helps you create spaces that enhance student success.

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