Primary / Preschool

Younger students benefit from our range of well-designed, colourful and durable seating products through optimal learning and interaction. BS EN 1729-compliance ensures that our chairs are the right shape, size and of ergonomic design to maintain good posture and reduce RSI and back pain, maximising attentiveness and comfort.

Postura+ Chair
Perfect ergonomics, durable and stackable, the Postura+ is ideal for classrooms, large hall seating, dining areas, multi-purpose rooms and social facilities. Available in 6 sizes for students of all ages.
Postura+ Task Chair
Postura IT Swivel Perfect choice for IT classrooms, available in 16 colours with castors or glides.
Postura+ Stool
Lightweight, stacks to 5 high for convenient storage. Hook to store bags underneath seat for added safety. Available in 16 colours.
Postura+ High Chair
Superior ergonomics combined with great practicality, these lightweight stools stack to 5 high.
Postura+ 4 Leg on Castors
Designed to promote good posture, unrestricted movement and exceptional comfort, these vibrant chairs are perfect for versatile, flexible and multipurpose learning environments.
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