Bushey Academy


Bushey Academy's new facilities furnished with "robust, sturdy and comfortable" Postura+ chairs

End user Students, 11-18 years old
Project size 1,350 students
Location Bushey, Hertfordshire
Date March 2013
Project partners Architects Co-Partnership
Project type New buildings within established school
Website thebusheyacademy.org

The brief
Part of a £30 million investment, the new building at Bushey Academy feature a three storey 'market place' atrium at its core. Within the rooms surrounding this versatile main entrance are a wide range of teaching areas from traditional classrooms to open-plan studios and workshops.

Our solution

  • Postura+ stackable seating - Proven over years of success in the market, competitively priced and cleverly designed, the Postura+ chair was the perfect solution for Bushey Academy. The ergonomically designed, single piece moulding ensures user comfort and that no fixings loosen over time. The design prevents students from rocking back in their chairs and subsequently risking injury to themselves and others, or causing damage to the chair itself. Being highly durable makes it perfect for usage outdoors, too.

What our client said
“The academy consciously sought out these chairs because they are proven to be robust, sturdy and comfortable and, because of their clever design, they are very safe as it completely eliminates the age old issue of students being able to rock back and balance on simply the two back legs of the chair. Every classroom in the new building is equipped with these chairs” Andrew Hemmings, Principal, The Bushey Academy

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