Personality Profiles


Conservers | (ISTJ, ISFJ) | Introverts | Dominant preference - Sensing

These personality types are practical, organised and thorough. They prefer a conventional workspace that they can keep neat and tidy and value storage solutions such as filing cabinets and trays to help them order and record their work.Conservers are quiet and keep themselves focused on the task so may prefer to be near walls, windows and storage cabinets to create their own defined area of the office.

LIKES: Lots of storage space
DISLIKES: Moving desk or location


Activists| (ESTP, ESFP) | Extraverts | dominant preference - Sensing

Activists are spontaneous, social animals who enjoy the buzz of the workplace. They are energetic people who live in the moment, enjoying interaction with others to get tasks done with as much fun as possible. They are unlikely to stay sitting at their desk for long periods, instead preferring to migrate to where things are happening.

LIKES: Working with lots of people
DISLIKES: Sitting still


Visionaries | (INFJ, INTJ) | Introverts | Dominant preference - iNtuition

These personality types are creative and conceptual, and value workspaces that give them the opportunity to reflect and form thoughts in their heads. They enjoy gadgets and interesting objects to inspire original thinking.  They won’t appreciate others in the office being loud and distracting and are likely to gravitate towards a quiet area in the office to think if they can’t find it at their desk. 

LIKES: Quiet areas and new gadgets
DISLIKES: Loud people


Explorers | (ENTP, ENFP) | Extraverts | Dominant preference - iNtuition

Also highly creative, Explorers relish opportunities to bounce ideas and possibilities off others and will love workspaces that enable them to brainstorm, perhaps using flip/charts or whiteboards.  As well as thriving in a shared office, they like an environment that’s a bit quirky or different. Bright colours and interesting or unusual design will hold particular appeal.

LIKES: Quirky workspaces
DISLIKES: Isolation


Analysts | (ISTP, INTP) | Introverts | Dominant preference - Thinking

Independent, detached and objective, Analysts like to have their own desk or work area but are unfazed by the close proximity of co-workers. While their workspace may appear cluttered and untidy, this is organised chaos; they will know the precise location of the document or file they need. Storage is not a priority.

LIKES: Their own desk, quiet areas
DISLIKES: Clear desk policy


Directors | (ESTJ, ENTJ) | Extroverts | Dominant preference - Thinking

Decisive, clear and assertive, Directors like to be in charge, organise others, and make things happen. Their workspace needs clear pathways to allow them to move around the office, and meeting space where they can gather their troops, to provide instruction. 

LIKES: Always being on the go 
DISLIKES: Cellular office

Consciences | (ISFP, INFP) | Introverts | Dominant preference - Feeling

Although caring and compassionate, these personality types usually like to work alone but will surround themselves with a collection of personal mementos. For them, office partitions are ideal, not only to keep the noise and distraction of others at a distance, but also to provide a surface upon which to keep those special items that mean something to them personally. 

LIKES: Personalising their workspace 
DISLIKES: Having lots of people around
Nurturers | (ESFJ, ENFJ) | Extraverts | Dominant preference - Feeling

Supportive and friendly, Nurturers love to have colleagues around and enjoy interaction so may not care for partitions or cubicles. Their own desk They value the ability to personalise their workspace and may seek to encourage others to stop by for a chat and catch up. 

LIKES: Their own desk
DISLIKES: Hot desking
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