First Title Insurance


First Title Insurance relocate to new, wellbeing-focused offices

End user 120 employees
Location Sevenoaks, Kent
Date February 2015
Project partners Think Furniture
Project type Refurbishment

The project
Bright, open, and flooded with natural light, First Title Insurance’s new offices have been designed with a focus on employee wellbeing – thanks to the leading role played by the company’s HR department in this challenging relocation from Bromley to Sevenoaks. With limited prior experience in office planning and furniture specification, the HR team enlisted the expertise of Think Furniture and Enaflo Interiors. Working together over a period of 7 months, they delivered the new facilities for some 120 personnel on time and within budget.

Storage & workstations help build the backbone of the office layout

  • UniteSE Storage - cupboards, tambours, sliding door units, confidential waste units and lateral drawers are distributed throughout the floorplan. This ensures efficiency and accessibility for all personnel, while maximising storage density through their clever design. In order to maintain open sightlines across the space, storage units were kept low through the centre, rising in height towards the office peripheries. KI have integrated storage with UniteSE workstations, in order to help delineate space and create natural walkways.
  • UniteSE Workstations – the robust construction and metal-to-metal fixtures of these workstations support a number of features, which allow users to personalise their space. These features range from adjustable monitor arms to screen-mounted whiteboards as well as desktop power and USB points. This met with First Titles’ initial requirement, which was to allow its staff to be able to feel comfortable in their new work environment.

A vibrant, diverse office landscape to nurture a happy, healthy workforce

Fuchsia, a colour that is not synonymous with First Title, was selected for workstation screening. This adds vibrancy to the overall colour scheme and enhances privacy throughout the open plan office. KI’s Breakout has been used to integrate third space with printer facilities adjacent to workstations, keeping them accessible within the open plan. In addition to this, the new offices incorporate a number of elements to improve staff wellbeing, many of which had never been considered by the company before this relocation. Ergonomic seating, breakout zones, central and accessible resources, impressive meeting rooms, noise reduction and soundproofing, all come together to achieve an enhanced user experience.

Away from the open plan, the numerous meeting rooms, directors’ offices and breakout areas have each been designed to cater to different personal preferences. The well-appointed staff kitchen provides a relaxed setting that lends itself to socialising or even informal meetings and collaborative working. Often at the forefront of portraying the company’s profile to visitors, the boardroom has been furnished to a high quality. Acoustically protected, it can be confidently used for sensitive and confidential meetings and causes no disruption to surrounding work areas.

What our partners said

"After initial showroom visits to get a feel for what products were on the market, the conversation quickly expanded from aesthetics to functionality. It became apparent to the team that storage management was going to be a critical factor for the success of this project. That is where KI Europe’s UniteSE collection came to the fore as the ideal solution." Tony King, Director, Think Furniture

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