Willis Towers Watson - Ireland


KI have provided Willis Ireland, Ireland’s leading insurance and re-insurance broker, pensions, actuarial and risk management consultancy, with a fully integrated, high density storage solution. Willis carried out a study of the storage media they currently used and worked closely with KI to ascertain how much would fit on each floor of their new offices in Dublin.

Adrian Fahy, Facility Manager, Willis explained: “Space was the critical factor in determining our storage provider for the new offices in Dublin. We operate in a paper based environment and having files on site is critical to our business operations. The KI storage system allowed us to overcome the conflict of needing 5 linear metres of storage space per individual whilst maintaining an open plan ‘look and feel’. The 1067mm wide by 1308mm high cabinets allowed us to store an extra 33% of filling in the same footprint as a typical standard filing cabinet of similar size. The result is that we have a real open plan environment with lots of natural light and an airy feel that our staff really appreciate”

As several new companies had recently been acquired, many different types of filing were in use. However, Willis agreed to standardise their requirements and conform to the audit review recommendations. They managed to get rid of 20% of their paper. The units used were wider than normal and were able to accommodate both lever arch and box files in the drawers as well as suspension file pockets.

Elizabeth Kirby, RKD Architects commented: “The Client was very budget conscious and the filing solution was most important to them. KI involved a filing specialist and the client was thrilled with the storage solution, which ensured that there was far less storage required than originally expected. The solution made a big difference to the environment”.

KI’s 800 Series cabinets are dimensionally and aesthetically compatible with all finishes and furnishings in the space. They also reconfigure easily and promote user control and in this instance, are located along the walkways, dividing the space.

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