Ford Motors

Ford Perry display

KI's Perry chosen for comfort, ideal for those 12-hour meetings

Location Dunton, Essex
Date 2005
Project type Multi-purpose facility

The brief
The Ford Motor Company’s Design Integration Centre in Dunton, Essex needed to source robust yet comfortable chairs suitable for meetings, presentations and reviews - three to four hour events are not uncommon and can last up to twelve hours.

Our solution

  • Perry chairs - The Perry chair's passive ergonomic feature was a big factor in Ford's decision to choose KI. They were selected by Ford after a detailed evaluation of high density seating available and informal tests by user groups. KI’s Perry chairs are placed throughout the Dunton Engineering Centre. The multi-purpose room (pictured above) features the Perry chair to good effect. With a seated capacity of 280, it is frequently used for training, vehicle reviews and presentations. Ford’s staff can completely reconfigure the KI chairs in less than 60 minutes, maximising the room's use. Perry's discreet linking mechanism and stacking capability (25 will pass through a standard doorway on a trolley) are important contributors to the multi-purpose room's success.

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