A new approach

How psychology can inspire office planning to help create happy, healthy, high performing work environments.
A better understanding of the complex relationship between personality types and the working environment can enhance wellbeing and productivity through better office planning.


The impact our workplaces have on wellbeing and productivity is a vital consideration influencing today's office planning strategies. Organisations are moving away from pure open plan offices, increasingly investing in a more ‘humanised’ work environment featuring breakout spaces, informal meeting areas, quiet zones, private meeting rooms and hot desking facilities.

But how can organisations make better decisions about the kinds of new spaces provided? How can they optimise the dimensions, location, distribution, functionality, and of course real life utilisation of these spaces? And how can they measure the return on their investment?

This is where psychometric tools such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) can help. Playing a strategic role in getting the mix right, the insights offered by these tools can be incorporated at the very inception of workplace strategies. By bringing together HR, facilities and finance departments, the arbitrary, prescriptive approach to space and office planning can be eliminated.

By developing a better understanding of the people who inhabit a workplace, we can create happy, healthy, productive and space efficient environments where every individual can thrive.

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